Sword Swallowing

When swallowed, her swords come within perilous proximity to her heart. Sword swallowing is the deadliest art in all of sideshow.

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Fire Acts

Primal and captivating, fire is an enticing crowd pleaser that is sure to heat up any event. Sally’s acts are insured by Specialty Insurance Agency.

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Bed of Nails

Sally Marvel puts on an amazing display of mind over matter enduring stress positions on sharp nails and having cinder blocks smashed on her abdomen with a sledgehammer.

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Glass Walking

Sally Marvel demonstrates acts to shock and amaze by walking, jumping, and jiving on broken glass.

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Human Dart Board

Part skill, part luck, witness this shocking display of attempted precision.

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Whip Cracking

With a dexeterous hand, Sally demonstrates feats of precision and flow. This act is sure to please your inner thrill seeker and keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Angle Grinding

Angle Grinder pyrotechnics are a great way to create dynamic visual entertainment at events that feature music with a heavy bass line.

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Blockhead + Mental Floss

Pounding 10 penny nails into her skull and drinking milkshakes through her nose, Sally Marvel gets grotesque. These savory staples of the sideshow are sure to whet your palette!

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Human Pincushion

Using 10″ & 12″ inch skewers, Sally pierces through her face, neck, hands, and other sensitive areas.

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Sensual and fierce striptease performances. For mature audiences only.

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