Femme Fatale Burlesque

Burlesque is a striptease art form intended for 18+ audiences. Many of my burlesque acts are fetish-fashion forward and incorporate challenging themes or exotic movements. These acts are not available for modification. They are intended to circumvent modesty standards which increasingly penalize female bodies and sexuality.


A flamenco-inspired feather fan + sword swallowing burlesque act performed to a runway-perfect track. This act is 5:30 minutes long.

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Diamonds (Are Too Darn Hot)

A classic feather boa burlesque act with a sizzling fire eating finale. This act is 6:17 minutes long.


A sinister and glam striptease followed by a stomache twisting demonstration of human pincushion. This act is 5:14 minutes long.

Candy Hearts

A fetish act for your Valentine. Candy Hearts plays with the theme of indulgence and edible intimacy. This act is 4:36 minutes long.

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La Foule

Act under construction! La Foule is an over-the-top sabrage + sword swallowing burlesque act featuring aesthetics inspired by Marie Antoinette. Backed by a danceable modern remix of classic French Chanteuse music, this act is 3:47 long.

All Mine

A sensual hand fan and tassel twirling act set to Portishead’s James Bond-esque track, “All Mine”. This act is 4:00 minutes long.

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Breath Control

A breath-play act for kinksters, fetishists, latex lovers and fans of rubber. This act is 5:30 minutes long.