Candy Hearts. Photo by Greg Bell

NEW ACT: Candy Hearts

I’m excited to introduce a new fetish burlesque act, Candy Hearts. This Valentine-inspired act is for latex lovers and fans of rubber. It plays with the theme of indulgence and edible intimacy. [Photos coming soon].

The choreography is more exotic than and in many ways a departure from previous work. In the earliest stages, Candy Hearts was intended to be a large-prop fetish fashion act. The visual image was striking but unfortunately the concept lacked intention. Latex reads as fetish and candy hearts are neato, but what else? With out intention, an act has no real direction.

I began to consider the message that I would put on my candy heart. I kept coming back to a simple phrase: “Eat me”. Initially I thought it was a bit ham-handed. I didn’t love it, but those two words were sewing the seeds for a raunchier subtext than anything I would have consciously considered. With new direction, Candy Hearts began evolving in delightfully unexpected ways.

Want to see this act live? Come to Vaudeville at Bordel for it’s debut on Thursday, February 21st. It’s free, and it’s fabulous with 2 hot sets at 10:30 PM & 11:15 PM.

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