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The Fall Out of Covid-19

Image: “Breaking News” by Steven Rhodes Entertainers across the U.S. experienced and continue to experience major economic setbacks in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic. Here in Illinois, Governor JB Pritzker asked citizens to engage in social distancing After St. Patrick’s Day revelers failed to exercise precaution however, the governor ordered all bars and …


Recommended by Thrillist

I am excited to be featured in the Thrillist’s write up Chicago Nightlife: What to Do After Dark. Thank you, Liv Lawson for including me in your recommendations. (Photo by Ethan Jollie). There are fewer than 200 “verified sword swallowers” in the world, and one of them lives in Chicago. Catch Sally Marvel every Thursday night at Bordel …


Chicago Tribune Interview

I had the honor to be interviewed by Jessi Roti earlier this year about my life and work as a burlesque dancing sword swallower. I am super grateful for the opportunity to be featured in the Chicago Tribune. Do you have burning questions that you’re dying to know? Perhaps they are answered in this interview! …