Photo by Alejandra Guerrero

Primal and captivating, fire is an enticing crowd pleaser that is sure to heat up any event. You can see Sally dancing with fire on FOXโ€™s Empire in the episode Sound & Fury. Sallyโ€™s acts are insured by Specialty Insurance Agency. She adheres to the safety protocols and standards outlined by Specialty Insurance Agency as well as the safety standards of the broader fire performance community. Proof of insurance is available upon request. A COI listing relevant parties can be provided with advanced notice. 


Fire Eating

Fire Breathing

Fire Dancing

Fire Tassels

Fire Belt

Fire Crown

Fire Fans

Lycopodium Torches

Palm Torches

Fire Sai

Fire Parasol

Fire Flogger

Fire Whip

Fire Wings


Choreographed Fire Performances
Choreographed Fire Performances

Any of the listed skills and props are available to be used in short, choreographed, routines performed to set backing tracks. The length of any given act depends in part on the prop or props used. Choreographed fire acts last anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes.


Sally performs ambient fire in 10 minute sets with a 10 minute break in between sets. Ambient entertainment does not include burlesque.


“Diamonds Are Too Darn Hot” is classic feather boa burlesque striptease followed by fire eating. This act is 6:17 minutes long.