This is not a sight for the squeamish or the faint of heart! Sally Marvel uses 10″ & 12″ inch skewers to pierce through her face, neck, hands, bicep, and other sensitive areas. This wicked display will leave your knees weak! You can read more about Sally’s experiences with pain proof acts in her blog “Pain Proof Provocateur: Do I Feel Pain?”


Talking Act: Sally engages the audience with candid dialogue about the science of pain while piercing her body. This act is approximately 4:00 minutes long.

Non-Talking Act: A music-centric stage performance perfect for Halloween or freakshow-themed events any time of year. The length of this performance is adjustable between 3:30 & 5 minutes.

Note: Sally Marvel does not offer strolling pincushion. She also does not self-pierce repetitiously throughout the evening for β€˜ambient’ entertainment.