Sword Swallowing

Valkyrie 4 - photo by Alejandra Guerrero (high res)

Sally Marvel is a member of an elite group of dangerous dames being 1 of approximately 50 known female sword swallowers world wide! When swallowed, her swords come within perilous proximity to her heart. Sword swallowing is the deadliest art in all of sideshow! Sally discusses sword swallowing and it’s perils in her blog article “Sword Swallowing: The Deadliest Art“. You can also read more about her in the Chicago Tribune.


Talking Act

Sally engages the audience with humor and curious facts. Dialogue and costuming can be adjusted to suit any audience making this version of the act perfect for corporate and family friendly functions. In some instances, a guest of honor can be incorporated for a small spot of audience participation. This must be discussed in advance. Her talking act is approximately 7 minutes long

Burlesque: Iron

A flamenco-inspired feather fan + sword swallowing burlesque act performed to a runway-perfect track. This act is 5:30 minutes long.

Go-Go Style

Sally dances with sword flourishes and intermittent sword swallowing to a pre-determined backing track. There is no dialogue making the go-go variant great for music-focused nightlife environments. Both the musical selection and the costuming can be adjusted to fit the event theme. Sally’s go-go style sword swallowing act is approximately 3.5 minutes long.

Burlesque: La Foule

An over-the-top sabrage + sword swallowing burlesque act featuring aesthetics inspired by Marie Antoinette. Backed by a danceable modern remix of classic French Chanteuse music, this act is 3:47 long.

Note: Sally Marvel does not offer strolling sword swallowing. She also does not swallow swords repetitiously throughout the hour for โ€˜ambientโ€™ entertainment. If you would like a longer set than what is able to be accommodated with the acts described above, consider booking a stage show featuring additional sideshow acts.