Whip cracking is a classic Western art notably performed by cowboy characters and rogues such as Indiana Jones and Zorro, sensualized by Cat Woman and other similar femme fatale archetypes. This act can be customized to suit any audience. It is sure to please your inner thrill seeker and keep you on the edge of your seat no matter your predilection. Sally also enjoys turning up the heat with sizzling fire whip demonstrations.


Talking Act: With a dexterous hand, Sally performs daring feats of precision and flow. Watch her crack her whip in a provocative solo or with a brave assistant. This act is 3:00 minutes long.

FireΒ Whip: Fireballs, flow, and a volley of flaming cracks, this act is performed to a powerful backing track. The fire whip act is ambient, lasting approximately 3:00 minutes.